Integral to your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is a continuous journey within Industry 4.0 which is constantly enriched by new business models and technology.  The concept of digital twin technology, however, is not new – engineers and industry have been developing digital twins for decades, usually calling them models.

The phrase digital twin was coined by Dr Michael Grieves in 2002. SysCAD’s plant simulation software has been trusted by industry experts since 1985, taking data one step further by providing your data in the context of your plant. With a detailed evaluation of plant behaviour, your plant model in SysCAD is a significant business asset.

“Gartner predicts that by 2021, half of large industrial companies will use digital twins, resulting in those organizations gaining a 10% improvement in effectiveness.”


What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital or virtual representation or twin of a physical entity or system which acts as a mirror to simulate, predict and optimise. Done correctly a digital twin will influence design, build and operation of a process plant throughout its lifespan.

How can a digital twin help you?/Why a digital twin?

  • Allows you to move from reactive to proactive decision making
  • Allows you to analyse from both onsite and afar
  • Makes your analysis readily available
  • Delivers improved productivity and efficiency

Why SysCAD as your digital twin software solution?

  • Allows you to gather predictions of performance
  • Enables you to predict differences between scenarios
  • Enables you to prioritise your decisions
  • Enables understanding of your measured, predicted and planned data to give you a deeper level of context
  • Allows for increased operation agility
  • Has an open API into PIMS
  • API allows systems integrator to connect other systems to bring your digital transformation journey together