SysCAD Software Consulting


The developers of SysCAD software are experts on the software and its various applications. We offer training and consulting services to assist our clients in achieving top results in the following ways:

  • Steady state or dynamic plant model development for various applications
  • Modelling support, such as modelling sections of a processes or troubleshooting
  • Review of SysCAD models in terms of optimisation and best practice
  • Convert design models to operational models
  • SysCAD model or functionality enhancements to meet client requirements
  • Development of client specific add-ons using the SysCAD Model Development Kit (SMDK)
  • Integrated solutions with other software
SysCAD Software Training


SysCAD offers training in how to use the software, and courses are offered either online or at our clients’ offices.

  • Standard Steady State Training Courses (3 day course)
  • Dynamic Training Courses (4 to 5 day course)
  • Extended training can be offered where SysCAD will work with client engineers to rapidly develop a full plant model. This process can take up to two weeks but it ensures that the software will be mastered by the client. This training course is tailored to the needs of the specific client.
  • Informal/ad-hoc training courses are available online, which include tutorial documents, example projects and training videos.
SysCAD Software Academic Institutions

Academic & Research

SysCAD offers support to Educational Institutions wanting to use SysCAD for teaching, training and research. We offer specific licences for use by students, lecturers and researchers:

  • Design projects for undergraduate classes
  • Postgraduate research project for individual students
  • At Institutes in Universities, Government, Industry or Collaborative use SysCAD as part of specialized research
  • For undergraduate design projects, SysCAD can provide training materials, instruction, support, assistance with flowsheet design project descriptions and evaluation of completed projects.

Find out more about the SysCAD offering for Universities and other academic institutions. To download the software as an academic user, complete this form and let us know which academic institution you are from to qualify.