The SysCAD software has applications in educational institutions for both research and academia. The use of the SysCAD software provides understanding and insights of the integrated processes being modeled.

The SysCAD software can be used by educational institutions for academic and training purposes. SysCAD software has the following applications in educational institutions:

  • Undergraduate students at various educational institutions worldwide use SysCAD software to help them complete design projects. This gives them a great advantage when they step into the working world as they have real experience with the modeling software.
  • Lecturers can also use SysCAD to train their students how to deal with real-life examples, without having to leave the lecture-room. This helps lecturers to explain complex processes in a way that is easy for them to understand.
  • Postgraduate students use SysCAD to complete their Honours or Master’s projects.
  • SysCAD software can be used for research projects to make complex models of various industrial plants.