Data Rich 15

“I’m privileged to be associated with the team at Kenwalt and receive their continued support with flowsheet modelling projects. SysCAD is still the best flowsheet modelling software around – and this is due to Kenwalt’s tireless software development, with improvements based on customer needs. Over the many years that I’ve worked with SysCAD I’ve always felt more like a partner than a client of Kenwalt’s, and with Kenwalt’s collaborative efforts the project outcomes always exceeded expectations.”

Kerrigan Rich
Data Rich 15


“Their aspiration to develop with us and adapt SysCAD to our requirements is really fascinating, as in the project on simulation of alumina production by a sintering method at Russian refineries.”

“Их стремление развиваться вместе с нами и адаптировать SysCAD под наши потребности действительно пленяет, как в проекте по моделированию производства глинозема способом спекания на российских заводах”

Vladimir Golubev and Andrey Panov
Rusal ETC


“Kenwalt brought their modelling expertise and worked closely with us to deliver both steady state and dynamic SysCAD models of one of our manufacturing plants. The models have given us valuable insights into the operation and control of our plant, enabling us to deliver sustainable improvements in performance.”

Brendan McCaffery

The Simulus Group

“SysCAD is one of the reasons I love leaping out of bed in the morning. Flexible yet powerful; forever developing and improving yet consistently reliable with rock-solid stability. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without it.”

Simon Willis


“We use SysCAD modelling software to predict outcomes of process change at our operating sites. We also use it to do process flow sheets for new designs. It is a valuable tool to our business. The team have always listened to our needs and given timely solutions.”

Katie Sheehan
RTA Yarwun


“We consider SysCAD to be an invaluable tool for delivering computer simulations of processing plants to clients within the mining and minerals industry.  These simulations are used to further the engineering, construction and procurement of these facilities. SysCAD is very well supported by an experienced, professional and helpful team.”

Martin Burns


“Outrageously good value for money.”

Peter Bath
Hatch Associates


“The technical support provided by the team at Kenwalt has been excellent over many years.”

Anthony Mann


“We were very pleased with the quick technical support we received from the Kenwalt team to assist us in developing a whole of factory SysCAD model for a sugar factory.  The project required that a few new unit operations in SysCAD be developed and these were quickly provided to us.”

Ross Broadfoot


“SysCAD has provided a robust production planning model that enables us to efficiently simulate production from mine to final product and generate life of mine plans. Over the past 10 years, Kenwalt has consistently responded promptly to customised modelling requests and user support.”

Melinda Henderson


“The open design of SysCAD has made it very flexible and easy to configure, significantly reducing engineering time developing and maintaining the HPT test bed.”

Dr Kim Law

SNC Lavalin

“Kenwalt are enthusiastic and passionate about their product and deliver excellent customer service. I was very impressed.”

Phil Heckley
SNC Lavalin


“What SysCAD brings to traditional Chinese alumina industry is not only a transformation of design ability from qualitative to quantitative, but also a precision concept of Bayer process.”



Nick Wang


“I have had a long association with SysCAD and Kenwalt. SysCAD is easier to use and more affordable to purchase and maintain than other comparable packages. The online reference documentation is excellent and the team at Kenwalt are always available and happy to assist via telephone if further technical assistance is needed, even to the extent of developing customised software solutions for my specific needs. I would recommend SysCAD for any minerals circuit flowsheet modelling.”

Kate Smith, Senior Process Engineer
Tronox Management Pty Ltd.

Worsley Alumina

“Worsley Alumina Refinery has been using SysCAD for over 10 years. The SysCAD Full Plant Model has been used for plant evaluation of significant capital projects as well as production planning and forecasting.”

Worsley Alumina Refinery

Rio Tinto

I have had the pleasure of working with the Kenwalt team as an end user of their toolset for 20 years.  They have a deep understanding of how these tools can best be applied for value creation within our industry. They are proactive in expanding and improving their software to best meet client needs and always provide rapid and comprehensive support.

Brett Garner
Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

SysCAD’s power as a process design and improvement tool is rivalled only by the Kenwalt team’s dedication to customer service, their flexibility and rapid response time.

Daniel Manché
Rio Tinto

GR Engineering

Thanks for your input into developing a SysCAD dynamic model for our surge analysis/study.  I have been impressed with the way that you have been able to convert something very complex into very useful and easy to understand information.  The information that we have been able to pull from the model has been excellent.

Tony Mathwin
GR Engineering Services Limited

“We think that SysCAD is the best calculation software in alumina Refinery. It can not only help us to understand the process deeply, but also help us to develop new process. Through its better application, we have made gratifying achievements in the process of project development and implementation. At the same time, it can help us find more KPIs in alumina Refinery, so as to realize industry 4.0 as early as possible I’m very grateful for Kenwalt team’s support and help to our company.”

我们认为SysCAD是氧化铝行业最好用的计算软件,他不仅可以帮助我们深刻的理解工艺,也可以帮助我们研发新工艺,通过它较好的应用,让我们在项目开发和执行过程中取得了可喜的成绩,同时还帮助我们找到氧化铝厂更多的KPI,为氧化铝工业尽早实现工业4.0发挥着巨大作用,感谢 Kenwalt team’s对我们公司的支持和帮助。


Feng Qiu