Keynote Address at AQW 2024

By 15th April 2024News

We are proud to be presenting a keynote address at AQW Alumina 2024. John McFeaters will take you on a journey through the history of process modelling in the alumina industry, with a look to the future of emerging simulation technologies.

The keynote presentation is based on our paper “40 Years of Process Simulation with a Focus on Energy and Carbon”, authored by John McFeaters, Daniel Manché, Rod Stephenson and Keith Armstrong.

This paper reviews the historical development of process simulation tools and explores future directions for software, hardware, integration APIs, dynamic applications, Digital Twins, and AI/ML, and how that ever-growing power and insight can be used to optimise energy utilisation and minimise carbon emissions into the future.

We are also pleased to co-author the paper “KX Heat Exchanger with Potential to Eliminate Digestion Steam” presented by Rob Clegg, which details the development of a reboiler-condenser heat exchanger unit model in SysCAD, as well as a full refinery model and detailed energy balance of Altéo’s Gardanne refinery.

Come and say hi to John McFeaters and Rod Stephenson at the SysCAD exhibition booth. We are proud to have been exhibiting at AQW since 1999 – this will be our 8th AQW in a row.

The 12th International Alumina Quality Workshop Conference and Exhibition is the first to be hosted outside of Australia, and we are excited to be part of this historic event. Alumina 2024 will be hosted in Dubai, UAE, from 22-25 April. Registration is still open.

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