SysCAD at 25th GTT Users’ Meeting 2023

By 14th June 2023July 6th, 2023News

We will be attending the 25th GTT Users’ Meeting next week. Registration is still open, and the event is free to attend.

Kevin Heppner will present on the use of the THEREDA database in SysCAD TCE using ChemApp. This demonstrates the application of ChemApp in aqueous chemistry, rather than the more common pyrometallurgy use. The example model presented accurately predicts the performance of a muriate to sulphate potash conversion process.

SysCAD is a process simulation software package featuring a Thermodynamic Calculation Engine (TCE) interface which communicates with ChemApp. The combination of SysCAD functionality and ChemApp thermodynamic calculations via the TCE interface makes a powerful analysis tool for a host of chemical processes. In this work the THEREDA database (developed by GRS, HZDR, KIT, TUBAF, and CSD Engineers) is used by ChemApp within a SysCAD process simulation to predict the performance of a muriate to sulphate of potash conversion process (as proposed by Fabrik et al, 2017). Model predictions are used to calculate the optimal sodium sulphate reagent dosage as a function of process operating temperature. It is found that, as temperature increases, the potassium sulphate yield is reduced.

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