SysCAD at ALTA 2022

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We are proud to be presenting two papers and hosting a booth at ALTA 2022, ALTA Metallurgical Services’ world-class annual metallurgical conference. SysCAD will be represented in Perth by Rob Winter and Peter Marsh, and online by Kevin Heppner.

Digital Transformation using Simulation in a Project Life Cycle, presented by Rob Winter on 22 May.

The use of Process Simulation is well established in the Design phase and has achieved some level of use in Operations. What is not well established is a clear understanding of the benefits of implementation of modelling best practices throughout the entire project life cycle. The demands, role and use of Simulation changes throughout the project life cycle, transitioning from design-centric to operational support and optimisation. The next generation of Process Simulation systems will be fit for the future and are an essential component to achieve industry goals for Digital Transformation.

First Principles Modelling of the Solvent Extraction and Stripping of Uranium Including Molybdenum Control, presented by Kevin Heppner on 25 May.

In this work, we present an alternative approach to model solvent extraction based upon fundamental thermodynamic analysis.  Rather than using plant isotherms, pure system isotherms available in the open literature are used to calculate fundamental thermodynamic constants of interfacial reactions. Using the fitted thermodynamic model, a process model of a typical uranium solvent extraction plant, including extraction, stripping, and regeneration circuits, was developed using SysCAD.

ALTA 2022 conference runs from 22 – 26 May. You can register your attendance here.

Read the full list of conference abstracts.

We look forward to seeing you in Perth!

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