SysCAD at COM 2022

By 29th July 2022September 6th, 2022News

We’re exhibiting at the return of COM in Montreal, Aug. 21-24. This conference offers networking, curated plenaries, speakers & discussions on the theme “Pathway to Net Zero”.

Please stop by at our booth to say hi and discuss your process modelling requirements with John McFeaters, Kevin Heppner and Tanai Marín.

Kevin will also be presenting at the conference with the paper “Dynamic Simulation of Uranium Ion Exchange Processes”:

Nuclear energy is a low carbon form of energy seen broadly as a means to reduce carbon emissions associated with energy generation. A number of uranium deposits around the world are amenable to extraction via in-situ recovery. Pregnant liquors produced from these deposits are commonly processed via ion exchange processes using commercially available resins.

The utility of process simulation for design and optimization of a uranium ion exchange plant is demonstrated in this work. A dynamic SysCAD model of an ion exchange loading, washing, and elution circuit is presented. Ion exchange is a sequential batch process circuit operating within an overall continuous process. As a result, significant surge tank capacity is required for operation of connected continuous circuits. This feature of uranium ion exchange plants makes dynamic analysis important for circuit design, optimization, and debottlenecking. The presented model uses open literature data as input to calculate circuit capacity and equipment utilization as a function of changes in operating conditions.

Dynamic models are also important for understanding impacts of equipment reliability and maintenance scheduling. By calculating equipment utilization, the criticality of various equipment in the process can be assessed. This is useful both for design, e.g. identifying where backup units are required, and operations, e.g. understanding the cost and benefits of maintenance schedules.

COM2022, the 61st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, is hosted by MetSoc – Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM.

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