SysCAD are OLI Alliance Partners

By 23rd May 2018July 3rd, 2021News
SysCAD is now formally an OLI Alliance Partner listed on OLI Systems website. The OLI Engine in SysCAD allows the latest OLI databanks to be accessed from within the SysCAD flowsheet. This provides more accurate simulation of important processing steps involving electrolyte solutions.
The SysCAD OLI Reactor unit model in a SysCAD project can be configured for use in a range of aqueous solution applications including Neutralisation, pH control, Crystallisation, Solubility, etc. The model displays predicted solution equilibrium composition as well as thermodynamic and transport properties specific to electrolyte systems such as pH, osmotic pressure, ionic strength and electrical conductivity. The OLI Engine can be used to perform a side calculation with the results used to manipulate parameters in the project or simply provide useful additional information.
Initially implemented as a Beta in Build 136 and used by a few customers, it was then released for general use with Build 137 Note that the necessary OLI licenses are required from OLI Systems to use the SysCAD OLI add-on

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